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Management Services

What We Provide Owners

  • Property Assessments – Educated pricing and recommendations for a quick lease.
  • Professional Showings – Every prospective tenant receives a full-service tour.
  • Application Screening – Every applicant is professionally screened for credit, income, rental history, ownership, criminal, sexual predator and civil background.
  • Lease Signing and Walk-Thru – The lease will be sent as possible to allow the tenants to review and ask any questions prior to signing and move in.
  • We highly recommend you purchase a home warranty for peace of mind for both the owner and tenant.
  • Exterior Maintenance – Assessment of the exterior for needed preventative and routine maintenance as well as exterior painting, wood rot, fence, etc.
  • Interior Walk-Thru – Periodic walk thrus to ensure homes are being well cared for by the tenants. We have many opportunities to view the interior of the home.
  • Renewal Signing – There is nothing better than keeping a great tenant around! The main reason a tenant renews is not because of a home but because of how they were treated while in the home. It’s a great compliment that we have so many renewals.
  • Eviction Assistance – In the rare event that the need arises we coordinate the process.
  • Consistent Market Analysis – We consistently compare rental rates to comparable properties in the area.
  • Proactive and Responsive Communication with all of our clients, customers and tenants.

What We Require From Our Owners

  • The property needs to be clear of all personal belongings
  • All items in the home must be functioning and in an esthetically pleasing condition
  • Safety and obvious issues should be addressed prior to showing the property
  • A home warranty is not required but is highly recommended
  • Working smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors on each floor
  • Two furnace filters left at the house annually
  • Fireplace cleaning every 2 years
  • Cleaning of gutters every fall (spring cleaning of gutters if needed)
  • Opening and winterizing of sprinkler systems
  • Pest treatments when necessary